In 2017, Dr. John McDonald PhD and Stephen Janz published their landmark study that looked at changes in the evidence base for acupuncture. Sponsored by our peak professional body AACMA (the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association), and edited by long-time former President of AACMA Judy James, this is a game changer. 

For far too long, acupuncture skeptics (or as we prefer to call them, pseudo skeptics) have bleated far and wide that there is no evidence for acupuncture. We know they're wrong, (over 10,000 trials have been published, but more on this in another post), and this document puts the evidence together so succinctly it makes my mouth water.

Click here copy of the plain english version for your enlightenment, and remember that just because it says the evidence is unclear, it doesn't mean we can't work with it. After all, the evidence for most surgeries is unclear....


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