KNEE PAIN - Warragul

Oh, the dodgy knee!!!

Does running, sport, squats at the gym or work cause knee pain? Is it worse at night? Need relief from knee osteoarthritis?

Cartilage deterioration within a joint leads to pain, stiffness, loss of flexibility, grating and tenderness and can make it very, very difficult to get on with life, let alone enjoy it! 

But you've got to keep going? Right????

Osteoarthritis is Australia's most common form of arthritis, with around 9% of the population (and more women than men) suffering.

Risk factors include ageing, obesity, injury, bone deformities, certain occupations, along with genetics and gender.

So, what happens now? Dammit, you just want to be able to move without pain, right??


Medications such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), acetaminophen and fluoxetine can be prescribed. These may address the pain and inflammation, but can cause nasty side-effects like cardiovascular issues, bleeding problems and liver damage.

Physical therapy such as yoga, tai chi or prescribed physical therapy can help some people.

But what if they don't help? What next???

If conservative therapies fail, out come the big guns, including cortisone or lubrication injections (OUCH!!!) and surgery. Realigning bones (an osteotomy) is one option, and the other is a total joint replacement (arthroplasty).

Ok, knee is beyond repair, you've tried the drugs, the exercises and you're waiting for an op...


In 2013, a high quality study (a network meta-analysis for the science nerds) reported that acupuncture was superior to standard care and physical therapy!

Another high quality study (the gold standard in scientific terms - a systematic review and a meta-analysis) concluded that acupuncture significantly reduces pain intensity, quality of life and functional mobility!

Huh?? Acupuncture is a better treatment option than what you've likely been offered so far??? 


So good in fact, that the Department of Veterans Affairs in the good old US of A commissioned a report in 2014 which concluded that:

"acupuncture should be considered as an evidence-based option for treating pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee"

The most recent research, published in May 2018, (also a meta-analysis) agrees...

"acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect on chronic pain that persists over time."

So, what are you waiting for? Your other knee to give out???

Start living life again, pain free naturally, with real acupuncture!

If you're sick of living with your dodgy knees and want to try acupuncture for some real, sustained relief, click here to book an appointment and start living pain free again!