What it is the connection between the gut (stomach, large and small intestine) and anxiety and depression??

Here’s little taste of what we know so far...

There’s been a lot of hoohaa in the press recently about this ‘newfound’ connection between the gut, or rather the health of the gut microbiome, and brain health.

A fascinating paper published in December 2016 reported the finding of a functional link between gut bacteria and the neurodegenerative disorder, Parkinson’s disease. True, it was an animal study (yuck), but the findings were significant because for the first time, it was shown that the little bugs living in (rat tummies) regulate movement disorders!

So, you’re reading this chomping on a big whopper.. what does this mean to you?

Well, digestive health (or disease) is important, as anyone with IBS or Chron’s disease will confirm. Think back to the last major pig-out you had and reminisce about how, well crap, you felt… can’t string two words together, all kinds or unpleasant sounds and smells emanating from multiple orifices.

Food coma, anyone?

Looking after your gut bugs isn’t as complex as certain, ahem, internet sites insist. In Chinese medicine, dietetics is an important part of your treatment program, but needn’t be expensive or impossible to follow.

ALL my patients get the same dietary advice to start with..

  1. Eat locally and eat seasonally - if you’re eating locally produced foods, the likelihood is that they’ll also be in season, will be fresher than anything in a supermarket, and will have low food miles. Good for you and good for our planet.

  2. Choose quality over quantity - if the majority of your diet is local, seasonal and of good quality, then you are way ahead of the pack. Not everyone can afford an organic delivery every week, but guess what? If you choose quality, you’ll naturally respect the ingredient and hopefully use it to it’s full potential. Paid $5 for a bunch of spinach? Bet that isn’t going to melt in the crisper drawer! Paid $1 for it?? Bet it does! Fermented/live foods like yoghurt, kimchi and miso are excellent for promoting gut health and mental wellbeing! And yum.

  3. Everything in moderation, including moderation - you are human. On occasion, all your best intentions will go flying out the window and that packet of Tim Tams is toast. Move on. The damage you do beating yourself up for the next 72 hours is worse that the scoffing of the bikkies. Go for a walk, do some gardening, move and do your best to mitigate the damage. It’s. Gonna. Happen.

So, keep it simple folks. Eat a rainbow. Enjoy your food. Drink your coffee. A cold beer after work? Hell yes! As ever, it’s all about balance.

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