It seems like us gals spend the majority of our late teens and early adulthood trying not to fall pregnant, so what happens when you’re finally ready for parenthood and .... birds are chirping?

There are many reasons why you may be struggling to conceive, and not all of them are just about the mum-to-be...  so what next?


Here’s the good news! 

A 2019 systematic review and meta-analysis conducted here in Australia reported that acupuncture “may have a SIGNIFICANT EFFECT on clinical pregnancy rates”, particularly when used by women who have had “multiple previous IVF cycles.”

A randomised controlled trial conducted in Australia in 2016 reported that a  course of acupuncture treatments halves the time it takes to fall pregnant compared to making lifestyle changes alone (which we still recommend!).

A 2016 systematic review and meta-analysis shows acupuncture improves clinical pregnancy rates - and another systematic review and meta-analysis which looked at trials involving  6,344 participants, found that acupuncture improves the clinical pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF.

If you have made positive lifestyle changes - both you and the dadda, and it’s still not happening, you may decide to go down the assisted reproduction route. IVF is expensive, stressful and not always successful, but here is some more good news...

But you want a baby, so you’re going ahead..

The IVF/ART process is not perfect though... and there is the risk of ovarian hyper stimulation.. but if you have PCOS (a common barrier to pregnancy), acupuncture decreases risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome when undergoing IVF.

You’ve had your cycle regulated, your follicles stimulated, your eggs harvested and fertilised and bingo! They’re ready to be transplanted!!

Anxiety and stress have a severe negative impact on the body, which is the last thing you want when you’re about to spend a lot of time and  money on IVF. A study published in 2017 looked at the effect of acupuncture on self-perceived stress levels, reporting decreases perceived stress levels over the course of IVF treatment.  

So, if you want to do everything you can to experience that fantastic feeling when the test is positive, click here to make an appointment. 

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WHOA! Acupuncture looking after you every stop of the process!