Owwww, my back!!! Everyone's heard this distinctive cry, accompanied by some kind of weird (un)yogic-like unfolding and lots of groaning.

In Australia, back problems are so common, roughly 1 in 6 Aussies are suffering - that's around 3.7 million people!

Back pain sucks. It can be so debilitating, that quality of life is severely diminished, and not just for those in pain... families, including children (and the four-legged kind) are also affected, as one's ability to do everyday things, like play and work, are hampered. 

No. Fun. At. All.


The most common plan of attack offered by Western medicine is painkillers (analgesics) like paracetamol, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) and codeine or opioid based medications.

Unfortunately, high quality research (systematic review and meta-analysis) published in 2015 reports that paracetamol doesn't work for back pain..

Ok then... NSAIDs anyone? Again, research ( a Cochrane review 2016... about as high quality level as it gets in the science research publication world) concluded that:

  •  the level of evidence for use of NSAIDs treatment of chronic low back pain was low
  • NSAID's were only "slightly more effective than placebo"!!!
  • The authors could not affirm whether (according to the research) the use of NSAIDs was a safe long-term option.

Moving right along... nothing to see here! NEXT!!

You may also be prescribed rest or exercise.

So where do you turn to from here, if usual care is not working for you?


For chronic low back pain that is non-specific, research shows that acupuncture reduces levels of self-reported pain when compared to sham acupuncture, and when combined with usual care, acupuncture improves function

Acupuncture improves the symptoms of low back pain when compared with NSAIDs.

Research suggests acupuncture has the “strongest evidence” for efficacy and outcomes for chronic low back pain.

An overview of systematic reviews reports that acupuncture provides clinically relevant pain relief in the short-term and functional improvement when compared to usual care.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to make an appointment below and stop chronic low back pain from interfering with life and start feeling like your old self again... before the groaning started. 

For more research and the latest news about back pain, click here.

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